NEW Updated Recipe and tips for this years COVID-19 "Corona Virus" Pandemic

The Immunity Boosting - Allergy Fighting Smoothie
The very solution that will make you iron-strong against viruses and fight off illnesses and infections.
I'm Al, a professional Soccer coach, and holistic health nut; after turning 30, I promised myself and family to live a healthier life and, by doing so, leave behind preventable illnesses and build a robust immune system to fight off viruses. It led me to create a Morning Smoothie that was jam-packed with ingredients that combined to make an immune-boosting concoction

Got ALLERGIES? I suffered from seasonal asthma and haven't experienced one episode of acute asthma since I began drinking the smoothie daily. 

My kids, unfortunately, inherited my allergies and their symptoms (since starting the daily routine) have always been mild without any incidence of infection.

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The instructions along with the recipe and ingredients are in a course format so you can understand why these ingredients work together for optimum immunity. You will be able to watch updated videos of me making the smoothie with seasonal recipe changes to keep the cost as low as possible. 

The instructions along with the recipe and ingredients are in a course format in our Members Only Facebook Group . You will be able to ask questions, and watch updated videos of me making the smoothie with seasonal recipe changes to keep the cost as low as possible

So low that for our family of five, it costs less than a dinner out to provide us with a glass of this magical drink five days a week every month.


  • Strengthen your immune system
  • A healthier lifestyle with more energy naturally
  • Lose weight and enjoy a smaller waistline 
  • ​Potent Recipe with over 400 Grams of Vitamin C including curcumin, Gingerol, probiotics, acetic acid, and other nutrients and minerals.
  • Time Tested for ten years
  • Delicious: My kids started drinking this daily without complaint.
We have been drinking this smoothie every weekday morning for about ten years now.

Since starting this immune-strengthening daily habit, not one of us has been ill with a viral or infectious illness, and none of us has ever gotten the flu shot.

*Update* 2020 COVID-19 "Coronavirus"

Members are asking if the smoothie protects against the COVID-19 virus. Yes, it will help your body be prepared to fight the virus. With the life-boosting ingredients & the acidic environment it creates I truly believe it can be a life saver to fight the viral infection.

See Video Below

My wife and I have been hooked on this daily smoothie for about three years now. It works and we feel energized throughout the day. 
- Marcelo A.

Our family is so grateful for this gem. With four young kids we can't afford to be sick. It works! 
- John M.

My husband and I are retired and drink this smoothie daily. We feel healthier than we did in our younger years. Thank you!
- Sara A.

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